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Concentrate Industrial General Purpose Cleaner


General Purpose Cleaner

OMEGA AQ-6125 is a cationic surfactant-dispersant designed to lift and remove both organic and inorganic debris (oils and greases), silting, earthen soils like mud, evaporated solids from water contact (hardness - chlorides - sulfates - metallic, etc.) from both aqueous and dry environments.

Key Features

  • Can be applied as a general industrial surface cleaner for both aqueous and dry environments
  • Can be used on dry surfaces (equipment – floors – walls etc.). OMEGA AQ-6125 will disperse, lift, and remove organic and inorganic debris from the dry surface upon contact

Available Sizes

(FREE 0.5 Gallon Multi-Purpose Sprayer Included In Orders Of More than 1 Gallon)

Notes: FOB Cleveland, OH
  • Type: Quaternary Ammonium Compound - Dispersant
  • Form: Liquid
  • Appearance: Clear Color
  • Odor: Sweet odor
  • pH: (of concentrate) approx. 5.0 to 8.0
  • Flash Point: 130°F (PMCC)
  • Density: 901 gm/l (8.36 lb/gal)

Typical industrial cleaning applications include, but are not limited to, the following examples:


Floor Cleaning
Mopping and/or wipe down

via manual

via floor cleaning machines of any configuration

Equipment Cleaning via spray equipment (including manual spray, pressure washer, induction cleaner types)
General Cleaning

via fogging equipment

via misting equipment

via manual wipe down (or mop etc.)

Cleaning equipment should be of PVC, Teflon, or polyethylene composition. Equipment containers of mild steel, copper, or stainless, are all acceptable for use. Any equipment that applies heat to the diluted prepared OMEGA AQ-6125 solution is acceptable for use – and may be beneficial for heavily soiled areas. Excessive debris or soiling can be penetrated and cleaned via increasing the dosage of OMEGA AQ-6125 as needed. As more product is applied – an increase in foaming will be observed.

Dilution Preparations (for 600 ppm) of OMEGA AQ-6125.

10-minute contact time is recommended for complete penetration of debris.


Spray BottleAdd 7 milliliters of OMEGA AQ- 6125 per every quart (946 milliliters) of water.
Mopping and Wipe Down MethodsAdd 30 milliliters of OMEGA AQ-6125 per every gallon (3785 milliliters) of water.
Spray Pressure Washer EquipmentIf a standard garden hose is used (assume 17 gal/min of water) – adjust the inductor or metering device to feed 8 gallons per hour of OMEGA AQ-6125.

Safe Handling

OMEGA AQ-6125 should not come in contact with skin, eyes, or hair. Use appropriate safety equipment to prevent contact (disposable gloves are recommended). If contact does occur, flush area with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation develops. If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Environmental Concerns

OMEGA AQ-6125 is an organic compound that is toxic to fish and wildlife. Do not discharge concentrates into open waterways. See SDS for information.

Wastewater treatment methods may be required before spent solutions are discharged, especially if the oil and grease loading is extensive, as OMEGA AQ-6125 will disperse this organic contamination.

For industrial cleaning, route all collected spent solutions to the wastewater treatment plant if applicable. 

In ALL cases, follow your local, state, and federal guidelines for waste disposal.

See SDS for proper handling, application, and disposal.

Unlike alcohol based products, these products are non flammable and never lose their potency which is a problem with hydrogen peroxide based products.

This product is a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and surfactants.

The OMEGA AQ-6125 is a concentrate that contains 5% of the active ingredient. It is designed to be diluted with water or aspirated into various floor cleaners. The OMEGA AQ-6126 RTU is a ready to use solution.

In the absence of an EPA registration we are not allowed to promote these products as disinfectants on our labels, advertising and literature. The registration process is long and quite expensive. We are considering this option however we would need to pass this significant cost onto the consumer and would be unable to provide these excellent products at the well below market prices you see.

Floor cleaning: via manual mopping and/or wipe down via floor cleaning machines of any configuration

Equipment cleaning: via spray equipment (including manual spray, pressure washer, induction cleaner types)

General cleaning: via fogging equipment via misting equipment via manual wipe down (or mop etc.)

Yes, spray surface and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes depending upon soils to be removed, then wipe clean.